Untersuchungsmöglichkeiten und Kosten

Examination options and costs

KFA: Assignment


For all other patients:

Examination costs are as follows:

  • per region of the body: 195 euro
  • if contrast-agent administration is required: 40 euro additionally
  • whole body examination: 900 euro
  • multimodal prostate 280 euro

In principle, any region of the body can be examined!


When you have us perform an examination, you need NO referral, and in furthermore NO authorization by a senior consultant. The only decisive factor is your personal wish for an MRT.

MRT examinations in Diagnosezentrum med22 are private optional services; there is no contractual relationship with KFA.

HOWEVER: If you wish to claim the cost of an examination from your private medical insurance scheme, you need a referral from a specialist physician.