It is sometimes necessary to administer a contrast agent through a vein during an examination.  These contrast agents are tolerated very well. If you are allergic to contrast agents, please notify us!

Adverse side-effects very rarely occur. They usually involve a slight feeling of nausea. Strong reactions to contrast media are very rare.

The contrast agent has no effect on the thyroid gland, so it can be administered even if there is an allergy to contrast agents containing iodine.

If contrast agents are to be administered we must know about your kidney function. Please bring your blood test results (creatinine, GFR), which should be no more than 3 months old.

Sometimes, whether or not a contrast agent is needed can only be decided during the actual examination. We do not wish to administer contrast agents “automatically,” nor do we want to withhold them if they would lead to better diagnostic results.

If you are opposed to contrast agents on principle, please tell us – in such cases, it is often possible to find another solution specific to your needs.