Ganzkörper DEXA Messung zur Bestimmung des Körperfettes und des Skelettmuskelindex

Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry DXA


For people aged 20 and more.


Within a few minutes, this examination will determine the composition of your body tissue, with extremely low radiation exposure:

The body fat proportion will be calculated as a percentage, along with fat distribution and skeletal muscle mass. The skeletal muscle index can be calculated on the basis of this data.

The examination lasts only a few minutes, and no preparation is necessary.

In recent years, there has been increasing research on the phenomenon that as we age, not only bone density decreases (osteoporosis), skeletal muscle mass diminishes as well. As a result, elderly people lose physical strength and become frail. This loss of skeletal muscle mass is called sarcopenia. Because it is age-related muscle loss, every person can expect to experience sarcopenia -- a more rapid muscle degeneration that begins at about age 50. However, the way muscle loss manifest itself clearly depends on an individual’s state of health, physical activity, and nutrition. Timely attention to healthy nutrition and plenty of exercise can prevent disability in advanced age.

In contrast to the Body-Mass Index, the skeletal muscle index determines muscle mass only; the fat percentage is accounted for separately.

Whole body DEXA measurement represents a good stock-taking of your body. Using this measurement, the success of an exercise program or diet can also be monitored.