Wichtige Fragen

Do I need to fast before the examination?

You should not eat for 4 hours before MRT of the small intestine.

You must fast before imaging of the bile ducts (MRCP)  – do not eat anything for 4 to 6 hours, before the examination, and in addition, do not drink anything immediately before the examination!

Please inform us if that is not possible.

For all other MRT examinations, it does not matter what or when you eat. However in principle, we advise against eating heavy meals immediately before an examination.


Do I need blood values?

For the kidneys, the contrast medium is basically harmless.

IWe need the following blood values before planned contrast-agent administration:

  • GFR

The blood-test results should not be more than 3 months old. We take the appropriate measures if there is impaired renal function.

The MR contrast agent has no effect on the thyroid gland.


When do I receive my findings?

In the case of an MRT a large number of images of your body are made – up to several hundred. It takes time to carefully inspect and assess these images. They must often be compared to those taken during previous examinations; sometimes additional special computer-assisted evaluation programs are also used.

We consider it very important to study your entire history. All of this takes time, which we want in every case to take for you!


The findings are ready for dispatch no later than 2 working days after the examination. If you wish, we can also send you the results by e-mail. The image data will be given to you on a CD immediately after the examination.

However we know that results are often urgently required – tell us if you need your findings quickly.  We will find a solution!


You do not understand your results…

… or you would like to talk to us about them!

Very few patients know their radiologist. But that is different here: We are pleased to explain to you what your results involve. We are also prepared to show you your images.

This does not involve any additional cost to you. For us, this is a self-evident service! Ask us any questions you might have! But please make an appointment, so that we can take enough time for you.


However, a talk with our radiologists cannot replace the consultation with and treatment by your attending physician!